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Dirty Washing

The Dirty Washing Exhibition was designed to fit into the Dyson room at the Design Museum London 2001. The Exhibition Comprised of a Chronological cabinet in the main hall which showed a basic time line as to the origins and production of soap flakes / washing powder. The cabinet displayed a range of boxes from the oldest in the archive at the time to modern liquid tabs. The main exhibition comprised of 4 display cabinets with eight graphic panels. The content of the panels comprised of a series of articles on soap related subjects from social, to race topics. Some of the articles were commissioned around specific subjects. The panels also included many of the soap related stories that I had collected over the years. The cabinets were designed to represent the essence of washing powder box’s and washing lines. The cabinets originally designed out of MDF were later design developed and manufactured by Inflate. The Metal frames were designed to hold a spring-loaded graphic that was digitally printed onto truck Tarpaulin for the effect of waterproofing. On the race related panels I felt that it was time that the passive characters on the related boxes had a voice so I reconstructed them as black superheroes. These were based on existing American superheroes. All of the boxes, print work and photography came from my archive and all the units + graphics were specifically designed for this exhibition.‘Dirty washing’ was a partially self funded project and was co-curated with Dr L Gamman with additional funding by Rodney Fitch Design + Central Saint Martins. Comissioned photography: Andrew G Hobbs. Many thanks to James Peto of the Design Museum for Believing in the project and making it happen at the Design Museum.

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